Planned Activities

The Decommissioning Plan for the Facility approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) on January 9, 2017 outlines the process of removing radioactive materials for off-site disposal outside of the State of New Jersey. 

In general, the decommissioning of the SMC Newfield Facility will involve the following general steps:

  • Construction of transit routes for waste removal via rail and/or truck;
  • Excavation, packaging and shipping of radioactive materials for off-site disposal;
  • Blending and leveling of remaining material in an isolated portion of the Facility;
  • Implementation of engineering and institutional controls, including fencing and other measures; and
  • Surveying of the Facility to confirm achievement of radioactivity goals.

Work plans for these tasks will be prepared and submitted by SMC to the NJDEP for approval.  SMC anticipates that it will complete these work plans, obtain NJDEP approval, and begin implementation of decommissioning in the fourth quarter of 2017.  SMC expects to complete removal of radioactive materials from the Facility and the remainder of the decommissioning activities by mid-2022.

Additional information on the decommissioning activities is provided below.

Construction of Transit Routes

A rail access line will be constructed at the Facility to facilitate off-site disposal of radioactive material. The access line is likely to run from the existing Conrail line adjacent to West Boulevard through the SMC parking lot adjacent thereto.

Removal of Radioactive Materials

The radioactive material stockpiles at the Facility will be excavated, processed, and packaged into containers suitable for transportation, and then shipped to the applicable disposal site(s).

Consolidation of Remaining Materials

Once the radioactive materials destined for off-site disposal have been removed from the site, any remaining materials will be blended and graded to an even thickness in an isolated portion of the Facility. In the event additional off-site disposal of radioactive material is necessary, SMC will conduct such disposal in a timely manner. Thereafter, the Company will implement engineering and institutional controls in connection with any residual contamination.

Final Status Surveys

Following completion of these activities, SMC will conduct a Final Status Survey of the impacted areas of the Facility to ensure that all areas meet clean-up standards. All results will be provided in a report to be submitted by SMC to NJDEP for its review and approval.

Site Closure/License Termination

After NJDEP confirms that SMC has completed decommissioning activities, SMC will file an application for termination of its NJDEP license for radioactive materials.  Upon approval, the existing license will be replaced by a long-term NJDEP license that functions as an institutional control to ensure the continued protectiveness of the decommissioning activities.